Monday, January 22, 2007

phpAspect on Tour

I will be performing a talk about phpAspect at Solution Linux 2007, the 31th january 2007 and a lightning talk at FOSDEM next month.

I'm looking forward to collect your feedbacks, questions and suggestions about phpAspect!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

phpAspect alpha 0.1.0 is released!

I took advantage of the end-year holiday period to work on my Google Summer of Code project and I'm very pleased to announce the release of phpAspect alpha 0.1.0.

In order to run phpAspect properly, you need to install the latest version of PHP Parse_Tree.

I have started docbook documentation thanks to the help I have received from Sebastian. This documentation is available on Google code hosting svn in the event you would like to contribute.

I'm very thankful to the Google Summer of Code and to the PHP community for making this project possible. When I first started this project, I only wanted to create a prototype to experiment AOP for PHP using XSLT. However, the more I interacted with member of the PHP community and GSoCers, the more excited I became about creating a community around phpAspect to support the project and making it widely usable.

Through this perspective, my focus is currently to perform refactoring on the source code so it can be easier to understand by other developers in addition to solving deployment problems.

Any feedback questions, comments, or criticisms you might have are welcome:

I'm really looking forward to improve this tool with you !